2019 Group Events!


This year will be somewhat different when it comes to our multi-day open-invite group trips, such as the larger Roam Wild event usually held once per year. Last year we had six trucks, nine people and one dog come along for a week of exploring various stunning locations. It was so much fun that everyone in attendance claimed a spot for the 2019 trip, before it was even planned! Unfortunately, this meant that there would be no open-invite this time around as the group size was already quite large.


Recently, we attended the BC Overland Rally in Whistler, there we managed to pick up four other adventure vehicles to tag along on a two day trip after the event. We had a Jeep, Nissan, Toyota and even a dual-sport motorcycle join us! The two days were spent hanging around the campfire along a rushing glacial creek, and driving an old mining road leading above tree line into the alpine! Even though this was a last-minute plan, we had a blast and made new friends.


We hate to have to turn extra people away from this year’s Roam Wild (we’ve had quite a few requests), so we may just be planning a second group trip for November/December – a cold-weather event where we’ll put out an online invite for anyone willing to brave the snow with us! There’s also a new addition to the XPED family, coming later this summer, which means we’ll be taking time off to enjoy some days at home with the new little one!

Follow along with us on our Facebook page @ExpeditionBC for updates for group events as well of new trip reports, of course! Happy trails!


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