Skwellipel Day Trip


This January I took the kids up to the Skwellipel Rec Site on Chehalis Lake in Southwestern British Columbia. It’s about a 30km rough and muddy trek to the rec site from the start of the forest road. I was hoping to get out into the bush for a few days, but only had time for a day trip.

We dodged loaded logging trucks along the way, and happily drove through the open gate to access the beach front site near the end of the road.

Other than logging personnel, we didn’t see anyone else on the road at all. I suppose that is the benefit of going on a wednesday in January!



Despite only staying for the day, we managed to soak up a healthy dose of sunshine before making the drive back home after dark. The kids slept during the bumpy drive back to pavement, and it was a relaxing drive as the  logging trucks were nowhere to be seen.


The outing was a bit of an opportunity to try out our new Cannon camera, which should allow more flexibility for photos in future trip reports. The tripod was not packed as I didn’t anticipate shooting after dark, but I had to give it a try after seeing how dirty the Sequoia was upon our return to pavement!


There aren’t as many photos as usual, mainly I was just enjoying the time with the kiddos, and I still don’t know how to pronounce “Skwellipel” properly, but all in all it was a good outing and a beautiful area.