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    1. Hi James,

      The website is pretty new and most of the work has been going on behind the scene, including trip reports, work on the vehicles and actually getting some trips in. I’ll be uploading more content soon – so far XpedBC hasn’t really been advertised or posted about much!


  1. Nice meeting you at the NWOR this week, maybe we’ll meet up again for some BC fun this summer, I told you about the Vancouver island trip I will take in July. Let me know if you want to join up.

    N. Aka big Tree


  2. Just curious what access you are using for the Shulaps range? I’m hoping to do a bit of hiking in there this summer, but prefer to access the area from the East side, rather than going over to the Marshall lake side.


    1. I used the forest road that leaves Hwy 40 just west of the Moha and Yalakom Rd Junction. This was on the east side of the range. From that point there are a number of roads zigzagging around the Shulaps area. There are possibly some new motorized restrictions in the alpine area so make sure to keep an eye out for signs while accessing your hikes!


    1. We enjoyed being your camping neighbour and the chats. Hoping you have a blast up in the Yukon and Alaska and please let us know if you end up documenting the trip somewhere!


  3. I was intrigued by your setup when I noticed it in Princeton! Whole family gathered up and off to the next adventure. I just want to say you are a great ambassador for the 4 Wheeling community and took the time to talk about the hobby! It really inspired me and the boys to “get busy wheeling” again! Would love to join you on some of the adventures and perhaps entice you to a few wheeling ops here under the Slocan Ridge.


    1. Craig! It was good to meet you – we’re always happy to chat with other adventurers on our travels. We ended up having a rad time in the Kootenays, from good camp spots, to some pretty insane high alpine roads we found! The Kicking Horse Coffee is wicked too.


  4. When you come down off of the last big push up to the lookout there is a small campsite on your right called Three Sisters, come down a little further and take the road to the right (driveable all year), it brings you out in what is called Lower Hat and after a few beautiful farms and stuff you pop out on Highway 99 so you get to return to the coast on 99 if you wish or turn right and regain Hiway 97 North, passing Hat Creek Heritage House. I have many times nearly frozen in the cold wind at the Ashcroft Lookout, love your web site and your trips, I do have an old 4x Kia and if I don’t get any older than the 80 that I currently am, I just might join you on an adventure, but summer please.


  5. My name is Bryan Oliveira and I am the GM for Freespirit Recreation in Bend Oregon. The last week of July I have some business with Cap-IT to address. Afterwords I am looking to have an adventure for a week with my family in my 1993 rover and my sons Jeep. I was hoping that you could give some great advice on where to go for some epic scenery! I noticed that you were at the NW Overland rally last year in Plain, WA. Will you be there again? I will be there in FSR’s booth and I would love the opportunity to talk with you if so. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hey Brian, thanks for contacting us! We’d love to help you out with some suggestions, and we will be at the NWOR all weekend. I’ll try and swing by your booth, but if we don’t meet up, shoot us a message on our facebook page and we can go from there! -JC


  6. Hi, I found your site on google when looking for info and the accessibility of the Ashnola -Placer Mtn. connection. We are on dual sport bikes looking to get off the pavement on our way to Nighthawk to begin the WABDR.

    I could not see any dates on your trip log and want to inquire as to the date of your report? Additionally, since I have never explored the area BRMB shows a variety of Placer Mtn FSR “loops” that might connect through to Ashnola Road. We are looking to travel west to east. Do you have any advice on which routes work or don’t? Do you have any GPX logs or any intel on wether dual sport bikes would get through?
    Many thanks


    1. Hi David, sorry for the late reply – we’ve been out on a trip for the past two weeks, partly on the WABDR!. Our trip over the Ashnola-Placer traverse occurred about 13 months ago. I haven’t been back to the area since the report was made, but at the time it should be easily ridden on a loaded dual sport. The only somewhat tricky sections would be the steep/tight switchbacks, but I don’t think it would be any real trouble. Unfortunately I don’t have any logs to show for the area, as we typically rely on the Backroad Mapbook paper maps. From what I know, there is only one road that actually connects up high. If you are still having trouble, I could screenshot the way through if you’d like.


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