Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tires

Expedition BC is excited to partner with and Cooper Tires Canada to do a long-term review of the Cooper Discoverer off road tire. We got our paws on a new set of 285/70R17 Discoverer STT Pro mud terrains – Cooper’s most aggressive off road tire to date. For this size, they are load range E, a significant bump up from the Goodyear Duratrac tire we were previously running in the same size.


So far, we’ve only put about 3000 km’s on them, including about 500 km’s off road. This mileage has included while towing a trailer on and off road as well.


Our initial impressions on road noise and traction have been positive, and they do look great on the XPED BC Sequoia.


We will be putting these tires to the test through a gamut of conditions, from scorching desert highways, frigid northern dirt roads, shale trails, loose sand/rocks, and even into some mud, yes, MUD!


Having previously run BFG A/T’s, BFG KM-2’s, Michelins, cheaper Korean-made M/T’s, Truxus M/T’s, and the aforementioned Goodyear Duratrac’s, we believe that we have the background to be able to provide realistic feedback on the performance of these Cooper’s in various environments. If we have a tire failure or issue, we will tell you. If they hold up through all forms of use and reasonable abuse, we will tell you.

We hope you’ll follow along with us as we thrash and bash these tires during every day family hauling, as well as bounding along the rough back roads in the wilds of British Columbia.



We have now completed our 10,000 km test period, and the full tire review is located HERE!