Kakadu Bushranger

Kakadu Bushranger 250XT:
-built by Kakadu Camping


As large as the Sequoia is, the interior sleeping platform is only comfortable for two. Since my family comes along for many extended trips, I wanted to find a sleeping solution that worked for up to 6 people, but was still off road capable and quick enough to setup.  We used an Evolution 2 popup for a few seasons, but at 3500 lbs loaded and 21 ft long, it was too heavy and too big to tackle any real obstacles. A lightly used Bushranger popped up on the local classifieds (a rare enough event) and we pounced on it. I had been exposed to the Kakadu products at the Northwest Overland Rally among other fantastic products, but it’s hard to beat the Kakadu’s combination of off road capability, ruggedness of the tent/trailer, and the storage & sleeping capacities.


The Bushranger combines a 4×7 steel trailer with a top-mounted OZtrail Camper12 tent, keeping plenty of room for storage within. The trailer utilizes a Timbren axle-less suspension, MaxCoupler off road hitch, larger Kelly Safari TSR tires, and has plenty of ground clearance. We’ve pushed the limits on this Kakadu on the trails of Moab, and have endured multiple nights in the tent during wild hail and wind storms at high-elevation.



So far this is an amazing setup and is working well. We typically don’t stay in the same  place two nights in a row, therefore the quick setup and take down allows us to spend more time exploring and lounging around camp.

Modifications planned:

– LED lighting, electrical system, upgraded camp kitchen.

For more specs/info on the Bushranger trailers, click here to visit the Kakadu Camping website.