Who is Expedition BC – What do we do?

Who is Expedition BC? What do we do?
Since we’ve had a bunch of new page followers over the past few months, we thought we’d take the time to explain a little bit of what we do and why we do it.
We are just a regular young family who is passionate about getting out and exploring the back roads and wild places in B.C., and beyond. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to head out on numerous long trips throughout the year and explore all sorts of regions.


Why we do what we do:
For years we were publishing trip reports on various forums online and doing emailed reports to friends and family. Ultimately we didn’t have any control over the reports, and as forums became less popular and died off, we started our own website to ensure we could preserve our stories and photos for years to come. This is why we started http://www.xpedbc.com and this facebook page to preserve our stories, mainly so our kids can read them when they grow up!
What do we do?


Trip and event reports:

All of our trip reports are published on the website proper, and each time a new one is posted, we share it to our readers through the facebook platform. We’ve been everywhere from the Arctic Circle in Alaska, to the trails of Utah/Colorado, and even the prairies of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We have a large back-log of trip reports to publish when time allows…


Another thing we’ve unexpectedly have begun doing is informal trip consulting. Since XPED BC started, we’ve been receiving a steady stream of requests for information on where to go in BC, and details of our destinations and routes. These requests have come from people all over North America who are traveling through B.C. or planning their future overland-style trip here. This has been a pleasant surprise and we’ve enjoyed being able to help people plan their adventures.

Gear reviews:

This is something new we are just getting into. Right now we are doing a long-term test for OutHEREadventure.com and Cooper Tire on a set of Cooper STT Pro off road tires, as well as several smaller products. Our aim is to provide a real-world experience of products we actually use a lot and really put to the test.

Group trips:

Perhaps the best part of all of this, is the open-invite group trips we do several times per year! We do an open-invite to other family friendly adventurers to join us on multi-day overland style trips. So far these have been a blast and we’ve made good friends along the way.

Well, if you’ve read this far, THANK YOU for following along! We hope many of you can join us for an adventure somewhere in the near future.
The next group trip is being planned for mid-October and we’ll be heading to Northern Washington for five days of off grid travel, 4×4’ing up to mountain tops, hidden alpine lakes, and all the great coffee shops in between 🙂


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