Scoping out the Ashnola-Placer Traverse




The Ashnola-Placer traverse is a little-known route located in the Similkameen Region of the province. The “traverse” is really just a rough roadbed made up of loose and sharp red shale rock, linking the Ashnola and Placer road systems. We checked this area out and spent a few days exploring the road system and having fun. You can check out the trip report and details HERE on the 2017 Trip Reports page.


7 thoughts on “Scoping out the Ashnola-Placer Traverse

  1. What an awesome adventure. We’ll be headed up the northern half of the Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail Overland Route this month, and I couldn’t be more excited to get back out there. The trails are mostly sand and dirt tracks that go on for hundreds of miles. Northern Wisconsin is not as well populated or developed so there are some limited opportunities for overlanding there. Next year we’ll be on a week and a half long adventure out to Moab where we plan to do the White Rim over the course of three days. — Great photos. I also have no fear of pin striping. You just can’t avoid it sometimes.


  2. Hate to tell you this, but that side trip to Placer summit is a definite no-no. That trail has been closed to ALL powered traffic for almost a decade now, due to abuse by earlier users. The last time I hiked from the old fire road to the summit, someone had illegally hidden a spike belt under the pine needles on the short hill before the meadows. Forest Service said it wasn’t them, and removed it as a hazard to hikers and horses. There should have been a no go sign at the turnoff from the fire road, at the base of that short , steep hill.


    1. Hi Brad, we appreciate the concern for treating our trails and backcountry areas with respect. We stopped to read the posted sign before heading up and it recommended motorized users to stick to the existing trail (which we did). There was also a warning of a motorized closure should the abuse continue. We’re confident we followed the rules!


      1. OK, there must have been a change in the 3 years or so since I was last there, as the sign at the foot of the T of the fire road was very specific about no motorized vehicles. Back in the 90s that meadow was torn up very badly by beered up weekend warriors. Prior to that, my wife was able to reach the summit in her ’84 AMC Eagle!

        I like your site, and will continue to follow along. I’ve been “overlanding” for 50 years, though we just called 4x4ing and camping.


  3. BTW, I did the traverse for the 1st time in about ’70, in my ex-BC Hydro ’65 Bronco; only had to 2 point 1 switchback thanks to the old Ford’s very short WB.


  4. Nice report. Wish I had seen this earlier. We came up into Canada on the WABDR and this trail/route is very close to where we crossed the border. Will look into it next year when we attend NWOR.


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