2017 Northwest Overland Rally

Expedition BC Camp Kakadu


Expedition BC attended the 2017 Northwest Overland Rally. We had a blast and we took a bunch of cool photos! Check it out HERE on our 2017 trip reports page.

5 thoughts on “2017 Northwest Overland Rally

  1. I’m going to have to find an overland rally nearby I’m really new to overlanding and I we will be making out first overland trip up the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail overland route this summer. It’s mostly sand tracks and we won’t be doing the entire thing since about half of it is paved but it will be a taste of what is to come. Finding routes in this part of the country is kind of difficult because many of the eastern and mid-eastern states are so well developed.


      1. I’ll take a look. I’ve only just started looking into Facebook Groups. I’ve been kind of disappointed by some and really happy with others.


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