Featured Explorer Profile


Hi readers, if you’ve received this link, we’re looking at featuring your vehicle/driver profile for our site. The idea behind this is to showcase more than instagram-worthy photos with no real backstory – we want to take a closer look at adventurers who are getting real experience out there in the bush, and see how and why they set things up the way they do, and where their favorite places are (without revealing exact locations!).

Copy and paste these questions into an email to us at XPEDBC@gmail.com, along with some decent quality photos of your adventures, mainly focusing on your truck or vehicle and/or camp setup. We won’t be taking credit for any of your stuff, and there is an area for you to include your club/group/website or social media page etc. Please include your facebook name so we can keep track of what vehicle belongs to who!

Below is an example of the type of photos we’d like to use:








1) Name – first name only is fine, your preference;

2)  Location, either town/city or area of BC or elsewhere;

3) Vehicle of choice, eg: Lightly modified 2003 Toyota Sequoia with Kakadu Bushranger 250XT off road trailer;

4) Basic list of modifications, eg: front & rear bumpers, rear locker, 4″ OME lift, 33″ BFG tires, sleeping/storage platform, ARB fridge;

5) Favorite or most important modification & why? eg: my homemade awning as it has greatly increased the living space in/around the vehicle;

6) What is your favourite trail, destination, or area to explore and why?

7) What is your dream exploration vehicle?

8) What area or country etc, is your dream to explore?

9) What club/group/affiliation do you belong to or promote? (none is okay too!)

10) What was the funniest, or the worst thing to have happen to you or your group while out exploring?

11) This last one is pretty open and is the main reason we wanted to do this. You can respond as much or as little as you like. Please take the time to respond in a paragraph(s) as opposed to point form if possible – that way it will be much easier to publish it in a way that makes sense to viewers. We want you to share your story with us. Feel free to be as humorous, or as serious and in-depth as you wish.

How did you get into overlanding/exploring by vehicle (friends, family, internet? etc)?. Do you think it’s changed your life or is a large part of your life? Why do you enjoy it so much? What is your favourite part about it? Why do you think the whole “overlanding” thing has become so popular? Is it a trend or a fad that won’t last? What else would you like to share about you or your rig?

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to respond and become involved. We hope to see you out on the back roads!